Trump’s Latest Lie: Defending Incompetent Speculation about Disinfectant

The latest lie I’ve detected coming from President Donald J. Trump is that his speculation about using disinfectant internally was “a sarcastic” response to a “sarcastic question”. From watching video clips of the Thursday press briefing, I can tell that he was riffing off-the-cuff, spontaneously speculating about matters on which he is ignorant, asking about the possibility.

To be fair, the press seems to have exaggerated the intention of the President, turning his speculative question into a recommendation or suggestion, however, in the face of the critical storm based on this exaggeration, the Liar-in-Chief failed to point out their exaggeration, but choose to excuse himself as having answered “sarcastically” to a “sarcastic question”, completely mischaracterizing the context.

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