Apology; Truth

First, an apology to anybody who has been reading this weblog: I have not posted in a long time, because my energy has been taken up with surviving my new environment, coping with the heat through the Summer, and the cold through the Winter. My accommodations are not as comfortable as when I was posting often, but they have been adequate for survival, and for making a basis for thriving. I feel as though I am about to enter a phase of expansion, and of creating a foundation for a productive and fulfilling future.

I recently comprehended that Truth is not an exclusive property of human minds, that an accurate statement of a feature of Reality need not be in symbolic language, but can be in signalling from a sense organ to a decision-making facility. This may seem like a trivial truism, but I have a hunch that there is a larger implication. I’ll continue to meditate on this one.

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