Not the Same … More Alike than Different

Someone opined on a radio show that something or other isn’t going to happen “…until white people realize that black people aren’t the same as white people.”

Well, duh.

“White” people aren’t even the same as “white” people. For that matter, “black” people aren’t the same as “black” people. Neither of the these are monolithic conformities. They are composed of individuals who share interests with others, but rarely with 100% correlation.

We are all different, but we are all more alike than different. We humans are all related, however distantly through the generations.

Grouping by characteristics is always arbitrary, though the chosen criteria may be significant to those doing the grouping. Grouping by skin pigmentation is the most shallow differentation that can be done.

However, one (looking in the mirror) ought not to be so obtuse as to not recognize that discrimination by color correlates with dissimulation on the basis of parentage, and of inequities of power.

Nevertheless, let’s put aside our differences, so that we may cooperate to realize our shared interests.

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