Diogenes: Are We All Liars?

Diogenes was a controversial philosopher in Hellas (Greece) during the end of the Classical period. Among his stunts was to carry a lamp during the day, claiming to seek an honest man. That he was not satisfied by any sight of his own reflection in a mirror or pool of water reveals that he, himself, was not an honest man. I suppose is that he was not honest in his claim, and, was, in fact, attempting to incite Athenians to recognize their dishonesty, much as Socrates attempted to get Athenians to examine themselves and question their beliefs.

We like to believe we are honest, and many of us may be so, mostly -but not perfectly. We withhold information, even from ourselves, through confirmation bias, and we make claims as though we know, when we don’t. However, few of us are proud of being liars, because we do not, typically, enjoy being told lies as though truths. And yet, we can take pleasure in being told lies as entertainment, and all fictions, in some sense, untrue.

I don’t have a conclusion to this (sorry). I need to meditate on this topic more.

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