I Suppose I Ought to Address Purposes

Yesterday, I posted my goals for the day, and I accomplished them all, except that my printing support was actually composition, and not printing.  My goals for today are:

  • Add an interface to the RVUUF Spring into Auction 2017 site, bidders.py (done)
  • Continue the Eclipse tutorial.  Once I finish that, I’ll be attending to Android development.

It occurs to me that I ought say something about why I’m doing all this, that it is not merely for my amusement.  My purposes in life, in pursuit of the overall purpose of leaving the trend of this world better than when I entered it, are:

  1. to contribute to the development of a more benevolent, equitable, and just society,
  2. to contribute to the repairing of the damage done by human pollution,
  3. to contribute to the transition to using renewal energy sources, from reliance on fossil fuels, and
  4. to provide a platform for others, especially my children, to continue these purposes, in their own lives.

I’ll list some purposes in my personal interest, later.  But, next time, I’ll explain a little as to how my daily goals are in pursuit of these purposes.

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